Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Plumbing Companies in Edmonton Ensure Your Kitchen Sinks are Clog-Free

Homeowners would once in a while experience having clogged kitchen sinks, and clogged sinks are not a pretty sight. Even sinks with garbage disposals can get clogged at times. This occurrence can be avoided by making sure certain items do not go down the sink. Then again, if it comes to a point where the sink just cannot be unclogged through DIY or traditional means, then professionals from established plumbing companies in Edmonton can help. One of the culprits in clogged kitchen sinks is grease. While grease starts in liquid form, it eventually hardens when it cools in the drain lines, so it is recommended to dump kitchen grease in other places such as containers then dispose of them in the trash. Other common causes of clogs are rice, pasta, beans, and potatoes. Of all of them, rice or grains may be among the top culprits since people would usually clean them by the sink and some grains would go down the drain unnoticed. The same goes for pasta, coffee grounds, and egg shells.

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