Saturday, May 30, 2015

On Maintaining Home Air Conditioning Units

On those few occasions when the heat becomes too unbearable, even indoors, you can always rely on an air conditioning unit to provide relief from feverish temperatures. Air conditioners can also balance the humidity of an indoor space, and can help filter out particulates such as pollen from the air. For all their versatility, air conditioners can break down on occasion, and homeowners need to know what to do in the event their AC units suddenly do not work.
Perhaps one of the most common issues plaguing air conditioning units is inadequate cooling. This is often the result of dirt clogging up the evaporator and/or condenser of the unit, which homeowners can easily fix by completely cleaning their units. Dirt can also be a problem whenever it clogs the unit’s filters lowering its cooling efficiency; fortunately it can be removed to restore an AC’s optimum output.
While cleaning an air conditioning unit can improve its performance, it cannot fix problems related to the hardware of the appliance. Blown fuses that prevent ACs from turning on, refrigerant leaks that lower overall cooling capacity, faulty compressor—homeowners who notice these things after they have cleaned their units should call for a contractor to take a look at their systems and repair any damages found.

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