Monday, May 18, 2015

New Water Filter Systems Give You Clean Water

Clean water helps ensure your family’s health and safety. This is something that’s not lost on Edmonton residents, who boast of the cleanest tap water in all of Canada, if not the world. In fact,  a University of Alberta study noted that the city’s tap water beats certain brands of bottled water as far as cleanness is concerned. This can be achieved by installing water filters in your plumbing system.
In general, water-filtration systems may comprise of smaller units installed at faucets, or larger affairs comprising of at least two cartridges. The cartridges are used to filter various contaminants from the flow. Home units are mostly geared to prevent rust and scale, as well as filter sediments.

Notable plumbers can conduct an inspection of your home and plumbing system to determine the proper whole-house filtration system for you. Your plumbing contractor will then recommend the appropriate  model for your home, and offer instructions on the proper pH levels in the water.

Established plumbing companies deal with filtration units from nuvoH20, which are scaled according to the property’s overall land area. The Studio series for example, is best for properties that are no bigger than 92 square metres, while the Manor line is optimal for properties bigger than 185sqm. A reliable water filtration system that is properly installed will have your water smelling and tasting good.

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