Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On Sewer Line Maintenance and Green Innovations

Edmonton plumbers provide the inspections and drain cleaning that Edmonton property owners need to avoid expensive repairs and unhealthy conditions. There are many causes of drain problems and some, like tree root blockages, are not easy to detect. Plumbers must frequently clean the clogged or poorly performing drain with a device that moves through the pipe and scrapes material that blocks the line. Clogged drains sometimes require urgent action. When needed, Edmonton plumbers provide emergency drain cleaning on a twenty-four hour basis.

Modern technology provides some helpful tools. One device is a closed circuit camera that plumbers can use to examine the inside surfaces of sewage pipes and mains. This system offers an opportunity to look for leaks and breaks as well as to identify the type of pipes and their condition.

Regular maintenance can keep drains open and flowing smoothly. A growing number of Edmonton plumbers offer green drain maintenance solutions. These systems use natural cleaning agents and reduce the amount of chemicals released into the wastewater system. Bacteria and enzyme-based cleaners are natural products that break down into harmless compounds. They offer the advantage of long-term action to reduce and control buildup of grease and soap. They use enzymes and other natural processes to reduce grease, soap and scale buildup. Natural products can also follow-up drain cleaning by killing or inhibiting roots in the sewer pipes. Together, these green methods add up to make a cleaner and healthier home.

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