Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tap Dancing: Making Tap Water Clean and Safe

Although tap water across most provinces in Canada is relatively safe, homeowners should still remain cautious of what comes out of their faucets. Tap water has been known to occasionally carry E.coli and other coliform bacteria, especially if it has been laced with contaminants such as sewage. Worse, some toxic materials such as lead could occasionally find their way into tap water. As a precaution, homeowners should consider treatment systems to render tap water clean enough for consumption.
Water treatment systems are major appliances that can filter out harmful contaminants from water, leaving it safe to drink. Not only do these treatment systems take out bacteria, they can also remove water’s harmful chlorine and lead content. Treated water noticeably tastes fresh and does not have an odour—proof that no contaminants remain in the liquid.
While mainly used for producing drinkable water, water systems can also be used to soften water. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium that can clog up piping over time while also severely affecting its taste and usefulness in washing. Softening water involves filtering out the particulates to leave behind a pure liquid. With water treatment systems, homeowners no longer have to suffer with unpalatable, weird-tasting, and potentially toxic water.

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